Dear friends of the
Bärenstübchens Blümmel

If changes occurred, many people feel uncomfortable about it. Jutta Blümmel took atantion to these fears very seriously and so we have exchanged ourselves regularly for many months. I can assure you that everything goes on in the quality you are familian with it.

The sales rooms of Bärenstübchen Blümmels will be moved in the existing store of TIEKIDS in Walsheim . The known telephone number and email address will remain until further notice.

Best regards
Your Sandra Kling

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The merger of Bärenstübchen Blümmel and TIEKIDS expandes the product range to more than 300 sewing kits, 500 different mohairs, acryl fabric, woven fur, straight-pile-materials etc., all made by STEIFF-Schulte in Germany as well as 1000 accessoire. 


You also can find „Bärenstübchen“ at shows around the country and in other European countries.

If you cannot attend these exhibitions, you have the opportunity to order by catalog, web shop or telephone. We will send you samples of fabrics, pricelists and miscellaneous.


You mail $10 or £6 or € 5,00 VISA/Mastercard .Profi-Catalog € 20,-

If you have a business you will receive our discounted prices.



Dear Bear Friends

After more than 30 years I have decided to hand over the Bärenstübchen Blümmel to the younger generation, in faithful hands of my good friend Sandra Kling.

With melancholy but also with much joy, I look back on the past years. I would like to express my thanks to you for your loyalty and the many wonderful hours, I was able to spend with you.

Best regards
Jutta Blümel